About this site

This site is the gathering spot for the Saratoga Springs, NY. High School Class of 1978. This fledgling site began in February 2002 and now has over 100 class members registered and actively participating in this site. With the new updates, I've provided an updated message board and the new "chat" tool.

This site was due for a change. We've grown up and the site needed to grow up too. The new site uses context style sheets (CSS) which allows me to position elements on the web pages much easier. Hopefully the "look and feel" will work across all browsers, but should you have any problems, please let me know.

In order to view the contact information for a class member, you must be logged in, and you must have your browser cookies enabled, otherwise the fields will show as suppressed. Due to the fact that we have had spammers on the site, you must now be logged in to perform any edits or updates. E-mail me or Joe Oguri for the site username/password. See Cookie Help for help on enabling your browser cookies.

The Member Edit and Upload pages are "protected" by an "Edit Code". The Edit Code is like a password for editing your information only. Most class members have not set this field from the edit page. Set your Edit Code to whatever you want, but since its not encrypted, please don't use a password you use to login to your computer or email system. The next time you attempt to update your contact information, or upload a photo, you will be prompted to enter your edit code. Once entered, the code is remembered in a cookie stored on your computer. If you choose not to enable cookies, you will need to reenter the edit code each time you wish to change your information. The system wide username/password for viewing class member contact information also uses a cookie to store this value on your computer. As long as you visit this site at least every 30 days, your cookies will be refreshed and you will have another 30 days before the cookie will expire. Once set though, you shouldn't need to set it again, as long as you visit the site.

This web site is hosted on my home computer which currently is an HP 9000/C3000 HP-UX Unix workstation running Apache Web Server Version 1.3.33. My internet connection is a new ADSL link (928 Kb/sec down and 384Kb/sec up) shared between 4 computers, this machine, 2 desk side PCs and a notebook PC. The computers are secured behind a Netopia 2247NWG ADSL2+ Modem/Firewall/Router. The firewall has been configured to only allow HTTP (web browsers), SMTP (e-mail) and SSH (secure shell) protocols through it. I have attempted to make the system as secure as possible, but with any system linked to the world wide web, its only as secure as the upstream components and their programming.

Finally, have a good time. Visit often. Keep your information current, and let everyone from the class know about the site.